My name is Dorothy Brown. My home is surrounded by acres of beautiful country on a mountain in Northeast Alabama. I am blessed with my German Shepherd dogs and enough land to provide them with all the mental and physical stimulation they desire. My dogs are first above all my beloved pets so I make it my main priority to see they are happy and healthy.

 I have owned and raised Shepherds for 40 years and within the last ten years have discovered the joy  in breeding these wonderful dogs..
I am fortunate to have some of the most well respected German show lines compounded by pedigrees solid bound with top working titles including several world champions in their bloodlines. I breed to produce the best I can in a dog and am very proud of what I see in my pups. I breed to produce puppies true to the natural instinct a German Shepherd should have from birth and that are empowered with all good drives intact. My pups are extremely intelligent, making them highly trainable in any areas you may wish. I breed for great temperaments which involve solid nerves. Most of all, I breed to produce for you the finest German Shepherd dog you will ever own
Please be certain before you buy a puppy. They are a life long commitment. When they
are little they need us to protect and love them, When they are grown they will always protect and love you. We do not give refunds, if for some reason or another you change your mind then i will put your payment towards a future litter.

My Contact Info:

Dorothy Brown
143 Moses drive
Henagar,AL 35978
Email: Dbrown@farmerstel.com

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